Lambda Implementation

The library doesn’t provide a lambda implementation but it does provide something akin to the lambda feature.

Add a HBMustacheLambda to the object you want to be rendered and it can be used in a similar way to lambdas are used in Mustache. When you create a section referencing the lambda the contents of the section are passed as a template along with the current object to the lamdba function. This is slightly different from the standard implementation where the unprocessed text is passed to the lambda.

Given the object person defined below

struct Person {
    let name: String
    let wrapped: HBMustacheLambda
let person = Person(
    name: "John", 
    wrapped: HBMustacheLambda { object, template in
        return "<b>\(template.render(object))</b>"

and the following mustache template

let mustache = "{{#wrapped}}{{name}} is awesome.{{/wrapped}}"
let template = try HBMustacheTemplate(string: mustache)

Then template.render(person) will output

<b>John is awesome.</b>

In this example the template constructed from the contents of the wrapped section of the mustache is passed to my wrapped function inside the Person type.